Sightseeing around Romantopia|Romantopia, A Landscape of Forest and Stars

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Sightseeing around Romantopia

Romantopia is easily accessible to sightseeing spots such as Hirosaki Apple Park and the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains.
Hirosaki City is home to Hirosaki Park, where historical buildings can be found and the most beautiful “Hirosaki Sakura Festival” in Japan is held.
After enjoying sightseeing in Hirosaki City and the surrounding area, finish your trip with a stay at Romantopia, a landscape of forests and stars, where you can enjoy relaxing hot springs surrounded by nature.

Hirosaki Apple Park where you can feel and explore the growth of apples up close

Hirosaki Apple Park

The apple house in the park has an learning / experience corner about apples as well as an apple goods collection display / sales corner. Just as expected from the apple kingdom “Aomori”.
There are apple production gardens, promenades, and observation decks where you can experience various activities. Seasonal events are also held. The area is crowded with locals and tourists.

Hirosaki Apple Park Website (Japanese)
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World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains

World Natural Heritage Shirakami Mountains

The Shirakami Mountains, which were registered as a world heritage as the last treasure house of beech native forest, will celebrate its 30th anniversary of its registration as a world natural heritage in 2023.
Valuable creatures such as the national natural monument “Kumagera” live in the world’s largest beech forest.
You can experience the greatness of nature and the mystery of Shirakami at the Anmon Waterfalls and Lake Juniko, where entrance is allowed.
You can also learn about the relationship between beech trees and the ecosystem at the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center in Nishimeya Village.

Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center Website
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See the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Senter on Google Maps
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See Aone Juniko, the tourist center of Juniko on Google Maps

Hirosaki Park famous for its castle and cherry blossom festival

Image of Hirosaki Castle

In spring, the Hirosaki Sakura Festival, which is said to be the most beautiful in Japan, is held, as about 2,600 cherry blossoms, mainly Yoshino cherry, fill the park.
The contest of the white walls of Hirosaki Castle, the green of Oimatsu, and the night cherry blossoms lit by night lighting is so beautiful, there are no words to describe.

In autumn, the “Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival” will be held in which many fragrant chrysanthemums, mainly luxurious chrysanthemum dolls, are blooming.
The autumn leaves of about 1,000 maple leaves emit beautiful colors, reflecting the greenery of the pine trees of Hirosaki Castle.

In winter, the Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival will be held, and Hirosaki Castle will become a poetic snow scenenery in white. There are about fifty snow lanterns in the park, and about 300 mini snow huts lined up from the Honmaru. In the vicinity of Hirosaki Park, an “Electrical Fantasy” in which cherry trees are illuminated, takes place, inviting people to a fantasy world.

Hirosaki Park Website
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Hirosaki Neputa Festivalwhich burns the short summer night sky in Aomori

Hirosaki Neputa Festival

The colorfully created samurai paintings scorch the night sky, and the beating of the drums, which echoes in the deep bass, excites the nostalgia of the people. The summer of Tsugaru burns at once with the feeling and excitement.
The Hirosaki Neputa Matsuri is held from August 1 to 7 at Hirosaki Ekimae and Dotemachi and popular to all ages.

See the Hirosaki Neputa Ekimae Stage on Google Maps
See the Hirosaki Neputa Dotemachi Stage on Google Maps

Tsugaru-han Neputamura Experience all of Tsugaru at once!

Image of Neputa Mura

This is a tourist facility where you can experience the all of Tsugaru in one place, including live music of the Hirosaki Neputa Hayashi, live performances of the Tsugaru Shamisen, and demonstrations of making Tsugaru folk crafts.
There are many shops that sell souvenirs and specialty products of Aomori Prefecture, as well as restaurants that offer local Tsugaru cuisine.

Tsugaru-han Neputamura Website
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Mt. Iwaki Tsugaru Fuji

Image of Mt. Iwaki

Mt. Iwaki, which is the highest peak (1625m) of Aomori Prefecture is also the center of mountain worship. It has been referred to by various names since ancient times, such as “Tsugaru Fuji”, “Oku Fuji” and “Iwaki Mountain”.
In addition, the shrine “Iwakiyama Shrine” located at the southeastern foot of Mt. Iwaki has recently become very popular by local recommendation as a “power spot” full of power that brings good ties.

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Hirosaki City A Western-style town that brings you to a nostalgic world

Hirosaki Church, United Church of Christ in Japan

Hirosaki is one of the cities in Japan where many Western-style buildings remain. Hirosaki Church, United Church of Christ in Japan is a two-story wooden church with a sophisticated, striking white appearance and a solid atmosphere.
The Aomori Bank Memorial Hall and the Former Hirosaki Municipal Library, designed by Sakichi Horie, who also worked on the birthplace Shayokan of Dazai Osamu, a leading Western-style building, are also beautiful wooden wooden houses.

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Hirosaki City Castle town of history and tradition

Saishō-in Temple

Hirosaki City is also famous as a castle town, and there are still many historical buildings reserved today.
Saishoin Temple is the most important national cultural property in the northernmost part of Honshu.
And in the southwest of Hirosaki Castle, consisting of 33 temples, “Zenrin-gai” is famous for the “Choshoji”, a Bodaiji temple where the owners of the Tsugaru family sleep. There are three gates, bronze bells, etc., all of which are important cultural properties of the country.

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Fujita Memorial GardenBeautiful co-existence of Western and Japanese

Fujita Memorial Garden

Fujita Memorial Garden is a Japanese garden with a Western and a Japanese-style building, as well as an archeological hall adjacent to Hirosaki Park.
Many Western-style building characteristics, including stained glass, remain. There is also a cafe where you can enjoy apple pie etc. in the elegant atmosphere of a Western-style building.

Fujita Memorial Garden Website
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