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Outdoor facilities

Surrounded by nature, there are many facilities for children and adults to enjoy!

There is a covered barbecue facility in Romantopia, so you can enjoy eating secure of sudden rain.
Feel free to enjoy barbecue even with a small number of people.
Whether it’s a day trip or an overnight stay, there are plenty of facilities like tennis courts, park golf courses, ski resorts, and even an observatory!
Touch and feel nature. You can experience excitement that can only be found here!

Tennis Court

Overlooking Tsugaru Fuji “Mt. Iwaki”, you can enjoy tennis while breathing the clear air. We are fully equipped with night game lighting.

Usage Period April 18th to November 3rd
Opening Hours 6am to 9pm
Fees (excl. tax) 1 Field, 1 Hour – 400 Yen
Rental Fee (excl. tax) 1 tennis racket – 300 Yen
1 tennis ball 250 Yen
Tennis court

Miniature golf course

Miniature golf on your own pace in the clear air of nature. It is no problem if you do not have experience and everyone from children to adults can enjoy it.

Business period April 18 to November 3
Opening Hours Sunrise to sunset
Fees (excl. tax) Adults 200 Yen
Children 100 Yen
* Includes putter and ball rental fees
Miniature golf course

Observatory “Galaxy”

The whole view is full forest. In such a place, the starry sky looks even more shining. At night, you can see the “rabbit” on the moon, and in the daytime you can see sunspots! The largest open astronomical telescope in Aomori Prefecture, is a high-tech reflective telescope (40 cm in diameter) and can capture the moon crater and weak light from afar in the universe.

Opening Hours

Usual opening hours

April 1 to January 11, March 20 – March 31
1pm to 10pm (Last entrance 9:30pm)

Closing days
Every Monday. If Monday is a holiday, the following weekday will be closed instead.
From April 25 to May 6, from July 22 to August 16 and from December 29 to January 3, there are no closing days.

Winter opening hours

January 12 to March 19
1pm to 9pm (Last entrance 8:30pm)

Closing days
Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
* If Monday, Wednesday and Friday are holidays, the next weekday will be closed instead

Admission Fee

For staying guests of the hotel Free
Others Adults (High school and above) 200 Yen
Children (4 years and older) 100 Yen
Observatory Galaxy
starry sky

Ski resort

Ski slope overlooking Tsugaru Fuji “Mt. Iwaki”! From beginner course to intermediate course, everyone can enjoy! Skiing, snowboarding, clothing rentals are also available (paid), so you can use it even if you come empty-handed.

Opening period Mid December to mid March (subject to change depending on snow conditions)
Holidays Open daily during opening period
Opening Hours 10am – 5pm (Winter vacation period, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 9am to 5pm)
Night skiing
Monthly, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (4 times a week) … 5pm to 9pm
Fees (1 lift ride) Adult (junior high student and above) 250 yen
Children (primary school and above), elderly persons 180 Yen
Ski resort

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